Cloud Based Backup & Security

In today’s world your company’s data is the heartbeat of your organization. Keeping that data safe is paramount to your organization's success. ServerNova protects and stores your data to ensure business continuity, disaster recovery, data security and preservation.

Full Server Imaging

Full server imaging means that all your system’s data, including the operating system, programs and files are backed up onto our secure snCloud. In the event of data loss, the complete image can be replicated in your office with limited downtime.

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Choose Your Tier

Tier One: Weekly Imaging

Tier Two: Daily Imaging

Sit Back & Relax

Whichever tier you choose your server image is backed up to our secure cloud environment on an automated basis. Just sit back, relax and know that your data is secure!


Fast Data Recovery

In the event of data loss your image is pushed from the cloud back onto your local server.

Complete Servers or Individual Files

The complete image (programs, software, data files, etc) or individual files can be replicated in your office with limited downtime.

Work from the Cloud

Minimize Your Down Time

In the event of data loss we can minimize down time by pushing your data onto a cloud based server so that you can keep working while we restore your data.

Frequently Asked Questions

When data is backed up to the cloud, where does it actually go?

Your data is uploaded to our biometrically secured data center.  It is stored on enterprise-class data arrays with built in redundancy.

Is my data safe in the cloud?

Your data is behind a firewall, utilizing encrypted connections to ensure your data’s security.  Connections are constantly monitored for malicious activity using our intrusion detection system.

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